Behind the Scenes Video with FullyRaw Kristina for Our Issue 6 Cover

As our new issue makes its way out to our subscribers, stockists and the newsstands, we wanted to share this behind-the-scenes video of our Issue 6 cover shoot with FullyRaw Kristina in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

A huge thank you to Kristina, Steven Kopacz of Wild Light Films, Autumn Beury of Hello Miss Lovely and Crystal Byrd (hair and makeup) for making this one of my favorite shoots to date and being so incredible to work with! My heart is full of gratitude and I hope you, our readers, feel every moment of this special video we put together.

I’d also like to thank Pacifica for providing their vegan and 100% cruelty-free makeup, VAUTE for providing their vegan swimwear and hat, Vitamin A for their eco swimwear, Raw & Juicy Life for providing their beautiful turkish towels and keeping us nourished, and Otium 30A for their thoughtful yoga gear and keeping us fit. You can see full credits in Issue 6.

In the meantime:

  • Pre-order the NEW Issue 6 print edition
  • Download the NEW Issue 6 digital version (we also recommend getting our beautiful publication in print…we ship internationally)
  • Start subscribing to Thoughtfully Magazine or wait for it to be at a store near you


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